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This page documents all changes made to the database or calculation methodology. Calculated results from different database versions may differ.

Note: our database is incrementally built nightly.

Current Database versions

Version 2.0.0, Release Date: 04/13/2016

  • Equivalent to old version "2014.04.18"
  • Use major.minor.patch versioning, inspired by semantic versioning, but for data. Arbitrarily choose "2" as the initial major version.
  • When new data is added (typically nightly), db version remains the same
  • When new kinds of data are added, bump the patch (x.y.Z) version
  • When data organization (schema) changes, bump the minor (x.Y.z) version
  • When calculation methodology changes, bump the major (X.y.z) version

Old databases

Data from the earlier 'Materials Genome' web site, served prior to 10/10/2011, is no longer supported.

Version 2014.04.18, Release Date: 04/18/2014

  • Version unchanged until 04/13/2016. Renamed to "2.0.0" for semantic versioning.

Version 0.5.1, Release Date: 10/10/2011

  • Initial Materials Project Database

Version 1.1, Release Date: 3/25/2011

  • Removed fitted adjustments to P,S,C,Br,H2 by default in the calculations.

Version 1.0, Release Date: 2/28/2011

  • Root database (MIT database with ICSD only entries)